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Tai Chi

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TheTai Chi class has been ongoing at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House for over 15 years. Mary Plovanic (instructor) has practiced Tai Chi for 22 years, and has been teaching this class for 8 years. The class is based on the teaching of Cheng Man-ch'ing, who called his form "Yang-style t'ai chi in 37 postures". After warm-ups and some Qi-Gong, students proceed through the forms at their own level and ability. Besides the "37 form,” the class includes a simpler "24 form" which was adapted from the "37" by Dr. Pi-Lu Fei, who practiced acupuncture and taught martial arts in San Francisco. A short, 5-Elements form is also taught. All moves are done slowly and the focus is on health and well-being, mindfulness and concentration, posture and alignment.

Everyone is welcome. There is no charge for the class. It continues because of the ongoing support from the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House.


Instructor: Mary Plovanic



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Instructor: Bill Stefanacci


(415) 572-6893


See their page on Facebook by searching Tsuki Kage Ryu or @tkrsf



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Instructor: Richard Davies

Contact: Debbie Huysentruyt,

The yoga class has been meeting at the Nabe for more than five years. 


This is a gentle therapeutic practice with a significant focus on the Iyengar yoga style and sequences, which emphasize precision and alignment as the group moves through various asanas (poses). The idea isn’t so much to work toward extreme bending and stretching as it is to bring the mind and body together in breath-centered movement that creates energy and reduces stress. We also try to have some laughs every week.



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The intermediate class is focused on footwork, with some body movement and classic Mambo shines.  Each class offers plenty of salsa fundamentals as well as advanced steps.

Instructors: Suresh Ranganathan and Athan Reines

The beginner class is catered to beginners but offers fun and useful salsa material to all levels of dancers.  Each class includes fundamentals and some intermediate moves in both footwork and partner work. Instructor: Zaida Sofia.

See their page on Facebook by searching @mambodomingo

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