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Summer in the City+ (SIC+), our summer day camp for K-5 youth, has taken place since 2008.  SIC+ began to provide year-round out-of-school time in 2018, including both summer and after school programs for K-5 youth. San Francisco’s Department of Children Youth and Their Families (DCYF) reports that the SIC program is among the top-rated in the City of San Francisco. Summer in the City enables students to explore San Francisco activities and communities on daily outings and weekly field trips. During the school year, we provide after school tutoring and homework help, nutritious meals, STEM activities, arts, games, dancing, and monthly field trips. In the summer months, SIC youth are provided with academic enrichment including English, STEM, and natural sciences, as well as games and activities for team-building and social emotional learning. SIC youth travel daily to city parks and to the local swimming pool for lessons. Each week, SIC takes a trip to a theme park, education museum, kayaking, and other activities around the Bay Area. SIC Youth learn how to reach all of these destinations using the Bay Area public transportation system, creating access to more possibilities through transportation education. At the end of each summer, SIC performs a talent show for parents and the local community. We serve approximately 105 K-5 youth each year.


Contact Program Manager: Albert Johnson


Summer in
the City+

Experiment in Diversity (EID) has been in operation since 1997. EID, an after school and summer program for middle school youth, exists to enhance cultural understanding and foster education and career curiosity. EID students are provided with homework help and tutoring, nutritious meals, and team-building physical activities such as dance and games. This program is designed to provide early exposure to careers and education options.


Students take field trips to visit a variety of workplaces around the Bay Area including banks, courts of law, technology and engineering companies, universities, and more. Guest speakers are also invited to speak about their professional lives to inspire youth with personal stories. Every year, EID performs in the summer talent show for parents and the local community. EID youth also design and perform for our annual community event in celebration of Black History Month. EID serves approximately 45 youth each year.

Contact Program Manager: Sharon Johnson


Experiment in Diversity


The Transitional Age Youth (TAY) program provides service connection to young adults, ages 16-25, to support a successful transition into adulthood. Our program provides one-on-one mentorship and connections to services and opportunities such as employment, training, documentation, medical care, housing, and more.


Our Case Manager provides assistance and individual coaching to help young adults take their next steps. Support could include: Registering an email address, practicing interview questions, finding business attire, obtaining a California ID or Driver’s License, referrals to health services, weekly food delivery, family mediation, registering for classes, visiting jobs fairs, rides to services, and more. Our programs serves about 30 TAY each year.

Contact Program Manager: Angie Xhurape Escobar


Peer Counseling

The Nabe’s Peer Counseling program serves youth, ages 10-21, in Juvenile Detention. Youth who become justice-involved are in need of counselors and adult allies to reduce recidivism and encourage positive activities and engagement within detention and after release. Peer Counseling offers support to detained individuals to create a change in their lifestyle upon release from incarceration and connects youth to the resources needed to secure the change. Peer Counseling meets in juvenile hall five days and two evenings each week, serving approximately 20 individuals each week.


This is a spiritual approach to self-transformation, empowering youth to make different choices moving forward and upon release. The focus is on supporting psychological awakening to what a change in lifestyle would mean and how to create change within oneself. The Peer Counseling program reinforces peer-to-peer support for people on the street, recently released, and on probation. In recent years, facilitations have adjusted to focus on coping with and processing past trauma.


Contact Program Manager: Jack Jacqua

Phone: 415-753-6705

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