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Who has to pay?

Residents of Potrero Hill are the only people who are asked to make a donation to the NABE in order to participate in the garage sale. You may donate here

What is the donation for?

The donation goes towards a fundraising effort to the NABE to renovate their theater.

Can I donate even if I am not having a sale?

Yes, please!​ You may donate via our givelify page here, just please select the "add note" button after you make your donation and state that you do not plan to have a garage sale.

Where do the proceeds from the garage sale going?

Individuals who have decided to have a garage sale may do whatever they want with the proceeds from their sale. We just ask that participants hosting sales pay a donation to the NABE in order to list their garage. 

How do I register?

Check out our registration page here.

Why should I register?

It is important to register so that your garage sale can be placed on our customized google map (found here) so that patrons planning to attend this event know where to go and what they can expect to find! And so that you donate to our amazing community center that has been serving our community since 1907.

What happens after I make a donation?

Individuals who have decided to have a garage sale will receive an email with a google survey for them to fill out with what they plan to sell. 


Can anybody have a garage sale?

Not at this event! Only people living within the Potrero Hill Neighborhood who register their garage sale may have a sale.

How do I see the map?

You may check out our map page here.

What if the map page doesn't work or I want to open it in an app?

If this is happening, check our our customized google map, here.

Shoot! I won't be able to make it this year, is there another way to participate?

The Potrero Hill Garage Sale will be an annual event, so you will have the opportunity to attend in 2023! But we are always looking for volunteers, and if you are interested, please fill out our contact form.

Can anybody come?

Yes! Please invite your friends, family, and anyone else who would like to attend our fun event!

Frequently Asked Questions

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