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The Potrero Hill Neighborhood House serves low-income youth, seniors, and families of color living in the Potrero Terrace & Annex, Hunter’s View, Sunnydale, and Alice Griffith public housing projects.

Those we serve typically have limited access to educational, health, and financial resources. As a trusted member of the community whose staff can relate to program participants because of their own first-hand experience living in Potrero Hill or public housing, the Nabe fills important voids in the lives of people most in need of some additional help.

Our programming focuses heavily on youth development, with a strong emphasis on education. Public housing youth can experience a myriad of traumas including hunger, homelessness, physical-emotional abuse, foster care, and parents in prison.
These youth often lack the support structure to academically achieve in ways that will ultimately result in stable livelihoods. Because 80% of children who
participate in Nabe programs receive low-income free lunch provisions, we also provide nutritious meals and snacks for kids participating in our programs.

For some additional info on the Potrero Hill Public Housing:

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