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STEM Education (Ages 5 - 13)

Serving 25 Elementary and Middle Schoolers Per Week Since 2023

STEM Education

The program is designed to spark interest and curiosity in STEM through fun, hands-on activities that enable public housing youth to practically engage with science.

Through partnerships with community-based organizations and for-profit companies including Amazon, Avenue Greenlight, Save Nature, Mission Bits, and Coleman Learning Center, the program exposes students to STEM in a hands-on manner and teaches critical thinking skills.

The Annual STEM Festival marked the beginning of the Nabe’s efforts to help educate public housing youth about possibilities in STEM.

The STEM program has now evolved into workshops held on the first and third Saturdays of each month and Wednesdays after school.

Once additional funding is secured, the Nabe intends to further develop the program to 6 days/week to serve a broader audience of children in the Potrero Hill community.

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